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Areani Resources Appoints Abbey Alalade to Launch the ARL Energy Trading Desk in 2022

Areani Resources (ARL) is proud to announce that we have appointed Abbey Alalade to head our newly formed energy trading desk!

As a full chain energy company, ARL is actively exploring and developing projects across the full energy chain as part of our commitment to supporting the energy transition.

Aside our upstream project announcements last week, ARL is excited to announce that the new desk will in due course provide a range of downstream trading services including the supply and export of crude, refined products, natural gas and biomass products to the EMEA area.

According to Abbey Alalade, ARL's newly appointed Head of Trading:

'I am excited to be joining the ARL team as head of energy trading and look forward to working with our end clients to secure reliable, cost effective and above all sustainable energy products'

Whilst we are happy to broker energy supply services and welcome opportunities to work with new partners, ARL is keen to stress that the desk will be undertaking proprietary trading and will act as titleholder for a range of products. If you are interested to work with us please get in touch!

Introducing Abbey Alalade - ARL's Head of Trading

Abbey Alalade, a highly experienced finance and commodies executive who served in senior roles in insurance, banking and commodities with AIG as Regional Head Manager, Senior Trader at Barclays Plc and Head of Commodities at Valens Bank. Aside heading trading at ARL, Abbey is the Chief Executive of Magala Limited since 2008, a trading company focused on oil and gas, petrochemicals and minerals. Abbey brings substantial experience in the oil business and directs all facets of the oil & gas, downstream trade and supply, production planning, upstream equipment procurement, asset optimisation, supply chain, supply chain development, new business development, sales and project execution, project management, market & product analysis, finance, legal, compliance, human resources, risk assessment, building high performance teams and sales, commercial, contract negotiations. Seasoned executive with over 25 years experience in finance, oil and gas, energy, real estate, insurance, precious metals and minerals with a successful proven track record. Significant international business experience with a strong focus on Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Magala created NIG Vision 2050, a mission to bring awareness and cleaner energy to the citizens of Nigeria and highlighting billions of dollar value opportunity and has set out a strategic approach for the initiative. In a short space of time, Magala has worked closely with local industry and government to ensure forecast development and approvals. Promoting renewable energy, carbon reduction, recyclying and sustainability. Abbey is passionate about the opportunities presented by the global energy transition and has committed the mission to identifying new offshore energy integration potential and progressing carbon capture in line with the World’s commitment to achieve Net Zero carbon by 2050. Abbey also serves on the boards of Areani Resources, UK, Pantheon Oil and Energy Trading, Dubai UAE and Aqaeba Capital Group, Dubai UAE. Abbey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Finance

Transforming the Global Energy Industry Towards Net Zero

Areani Resources is a globally focused full-chain global energy company. Determined to change how finite hydrocarbon resources are developed, managed and integrated with renewable energy sources.

From upstream field developments to downstream trading, renewable energy production and supply, ARL will aim to and continue working in the full energy value chain.

Work With Areani

As we assess and develop these trading opportunities we will be actively looking to work with investor and other partners that support the global energy transition and we welcome all new partnerships. Please get in touch by emailing or contact Abbey Alalade at

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