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Areani Resources to Explore Small Field Developments in the Middle East & East Mediterranean in 2022

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The board of Areani Resources (ARL) is proud to announce that as part of our 2022 strategy we are actively exploring a number of opportunities in the Middle East & Eastern Mediterranean.

We are evaluating a number of small field developments in the Middle East & Eastern Mediterranean basin with an aim to securing acreage this year to sustainably optimise operations to the highest of environmental standards & to support the wider global energy transition.

According to Nicholas Cobb, President of the ARL Board:

'As a new entrant to the global energy industry, Areani as part of its 2022 strategy is delighted to announce that we are assessing a number of small-scale acreage prospects in the Middle East & Eastern Med Basin.

Whilst we assess established onshore assets in the Middle East as well as the newly opening Eastern Med basin, we will be actively taking a new and innovative approach to sustainably optimising our future portfolio to meet our commitment to supporting the global call for carbon net zero.

To ensure this we are also actively exploring geothermal and solar projects in the EMEA region and the board will have some exciting news to announce in due course.'

We have ambitious plans to change the way in which the energy industry operates and are keen to support the energy transition strategies of the countries in which we will operate.

Further information can be supplied to potential partners with the execution of an NDA.

Transforming the Global Energy Industry Towards Net Zero

Areani Resources is a globally focused full-chain global energy company. Determined to change how finite hydrocarbon resources are developed, managed and integrated with renewable energy sources.

Work With Areani

As we assess and develop these opportunities we will be actively looking to work with investor and technical partners that support the global energy transition and we welcome all new partnerships. Please get in touch by emailing or calling Nicholas Cobb on +44(0)7541350439

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