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Meet ARL's Head of Trading - Abbey Alalade

Abbey Alalade

Head of Trading -

Abbey Alalade, is a highly experienced finance and commodities executive with over 25 years in the industry. Serving in senior roles across insurance, banking and commodities including as: Regional Head Manager at AIG, Senior Trader at Barclays Plc and Head of Commodities at Valens Bank. Holding significant international business experience across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Abbey also serves on the boards, Pantheon Oil (UK) and Aqaeba Capital Group (Dubai UAE). Additionally, Abbey is also the Chief Executive of Magala Limited since 2008, a trading company focused on oil and gas, petrochemicals and minerals. Magala is well known for creating NIG Vision 2050, a mission to bring awareness and cleaner energy to the citizens of Nigeria. Promoting renewable energy, carbon reduction, recycling and sustainability. Magala, set out a strategic approach for the initiatives; which highlighted billions of dollar clean energy opportunities across the region. In a short space of time, Magala has worked closely with local industries and government to ensure forecast development and approvals. Promoting renewable energy, carbon reduction, recycling and sustainability. Abbey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Finance

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