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Introducing Andy Oliver - ARL's Head of Operations

Andy Oliver

Head of Operations -

Andy Oliver is an oil and gas energy sector operational leader with over thirty-four years international industry experience covering the exploration, development and production lifecycles. His operational experience has also been applied to enhance operational and environmental aspects of mining operations in Australia and South America. With a proven track record of operating oil and gas, onshore and offshore facilities in harsh and remote locations in the African, European, Australasian and North American continents, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to develop fit-for-purpose systems and processes to increase integrity, efficiency and value in operating businesses. He has had a wide range of experience in building and leading project teams including Field Developments and complex offshore facility repair programmes. He remains committed to ensuring AREANI achieves high levels of safety within all operational working environments and operate to a net zero green carbon footprint whilst maximising project lifecycle value. His experience of operating in developing countries has allowed him to work with local authorities to develop infrastructure, local personnel and their communities. Andy remains dedicated to ensure a symbiotic relationship exists between AREANI and the local environment where they operate. Andy graduated with a BSc in Offshore Chemical Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. He currently serves as a volunteer board member for a UK mental health charity in Emotional Logic.

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