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Areani Resources to Support West Africa's First Virtual Gas Trading Platform & Natural Gas Exchange

Areani Resources is proud to support Natural Gas Commodity Exchange! Supporting the NGCX with expertise and international support, ARL is pleased to support this important initiative.

Natural Gas commodities Exchange (NGCX) is Nigeria’s and indeed the West African first automated and virtual gas trading platform to promote, sustainable, fast, safe, robust gas market and faster gas trading within and outside the country.

The exchange features multiple players and service sector participant who trade in spot and forward contracts virtually. A distinctive feature of the NGCX platform is the carrying along of the service sector provider, this makes NGCX a complete market and solution provider for big and small participants in the gas sector. Gas to NGCX is not a mere commodity, to us, Gas is a way of answering the lingering energy within the sub-Saharan Africa.

The current gas market functions in a disorganised way. NGCX’s dream is to bring the whole gas sector together as a single functioning unit, at a fair and prevailing price across board, level playing field and enabling internal price discovery for every player in the sector. NGCX has broken down the sector and has set up a mechanism for easy and effective communication through the sector. NGCX puts every sector on the fore front of solution and feedback approach making the platform, faster, safer and convenient for doing business.

What does NGCX DO?

Natural Gas commodities exchange facilitates every single interaction across the value-chain of the gas market. It is safe, fast and convenient hub, taking into considerations, all international standard of doing business.

NGCX follows the gas on a journey creating new ways for it and facilitating new opportunities, and for the first time creates an environment for the services rendered in and around the gas sector. NGCX is a platform that secures all players from fraud, inconveniences, slow-place of doing business, Kyc, quality of products to ensure a smooths, and fast transactions the country.

NGCX employs technology amenable platform that is rapid, accurate, efficient and secure catering to requirements of pre- and post-trade functionalities with the capability to handle complex orders. The wed bases platform is highly –user-friendly and is accessible online and has prompt feedback mechanism to enable addition of new products and functions efficiently. This makes access of gas from any part of Nigeria easy and fast!

NGCX upon an in-depth research, identified all level participants in the gas sector, leverage on them and set out to make their business better. These service may include;

NGCX for pipeline operators

NGCX offers stability in supply for individual users uses gas from the pipelines, using the technology at its disposal, NGCX would foster correspondence of players and ensure that responsiveness to any flexibility or changes in a business transaction. Basically, NGCX would manage all the hassles along the pipeline ensuring that the product reaches the client on time. NGCX with its abundance and in-depth knowledge of gas pipeline layout would help open up new businesses for existing and new operation in this sector of gas market!


As an importer, the opportunities NGCX offers you is endless. Not only would NGCX grow your business, it would help you maximize profit, increase your bargaining power and aid in your decision-making through it’s on the spot assessment of all parameters in the gas market. NGCX makes your business scope wider, safer and convenience, NGCX would give you access to market information that aids you in business decisions like; easier clearing ports, for those who don’t have access to storage facility, NGCX will give real-time information about storage facilities, their location , capacity and demand curve to aid in choices made by the importer.


The traders and facility owners, NGCX would hasten up communication between players and flow of business would be made seamless. With steady access to importers, facility owners and traders stands a better chance with NGCX for the steady and safe supplies and it numerous downstream participation, and ensure and steadily increase in demand. NGCX basically takes all the steps to make sure that the traders and facility owners are in a place where there is steadily growth in turnover as the markets expands.

Ngcx for Importers

For transporters, NGCX has taken into account all aspects that makes up taking gas from point A to point B. NGCX considers the transport companies, the facility owners, retail and bulk buyers and most importantly the end-users. NGCX has created a business model for the transport sector ranging from the 20 tonnes down to the 12kg lpg delivery. NGCX would grow the market exponential through it start nodes and end nodes business model, traffic management system tracking and payment safety, for any transporters when partnering with NGCX. The start node and end node model is peculiar in the sense that it takes your transport business to another level by expanding its scope. Simply put you can conduct business from any part of the country.

NGCX mother station operators

With complex nature of current demand gas and its sensitivity, NGCX offers those who operate mother and daughter dispending outlets a broader avenue to meet up with their available surplus and excess demand respectively. NGCX platform will provide a matching and allocation services, thereby averting unnecessary backlogs and blockages in the system. With NGCX vast technical parameters, it will ensure steady penetration by sending gas to all corners of the country.

NGCX for generator operators

NGCX ensures product of the highest quality and steady supply at a relatively competitive market price. NGCX leverages on every aspects of the market that ensures that generators operators get theirs on time. With NGCX partnering your business, the speed, delivery and convenience brought into your business and in the long-run reducing the operating cost of your business.

NGCX for service producers

This is the first of its kind where a platform create awareness for all service provider across the whole value-chain of the sector gas, this ranges from gas conversion kit companies, the fabricators down to the technicians for LPG bottles. NGCX believes that effective communication is a way that would drive the gas market forward. This segment on the platform provides solution to any challenge a player may encounter at any point on the value chain. This simply means that there is technology or technical support existing on the platform.

NGCX for end-users

To end-users, NGCX is the platform that would bring your products to door-step, while shielding you from, fraud, inconvenience, scarcity, delay in delivery and price uncertainly. NGCX is smooth platform that delivers to you with variety of options (all hassle free). The flexible nature of the platform gives you freedom to choose the end of service and nature payment you want! The platform is fast, secure and seamless!!!

To work with ARL please get in touch by calling Nicholas Cobb on +44(0)7541350439 or visit

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