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Areani Resources to Announce New Corporate Structure & Develop EMEA Energy Projects in 2024

With the new year begun in earnest, the Areani Resources (ARL) team would like to wish you a prosperous and successful year ahead!

As part of the Areani growth plan, we will be shortly announcing a number of new developments to position ARL as the 'one to watch' market entrant player in the global sustainable hydrocarbon and sustainable energy sector.

To this end, we will:

  • Announce a new CEO, corporate structure and global representative presence

  • Further develop our project upstream and midstream plans to include onshore upstream acquisitions as well as the development of existing / new midstream infrastructure in the EMEA space

  • Grow our trading and brokerage service offering

  • Expand our global consultant and partner base

  • Seek funding partners for corporate growth

If you are interested in working with us as a consultant, investor or partner, please contact Nicholas Cobb on +44(0)7541350439 to discuss your involvement. We would like to wish you a successful 2024 and look forward to releasing more ARL news in the very near future!

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