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Areani Offers Key Services to Help the Global Energy Industry Meet its COP27 Commitments

As the COP27 summit gets underway, world leaders and industry are once again meeting to discuss efforts needed to meet our sustainability goals.

As the energy industry and key political stakeholders meets to discuss this most important of issues, Areani (ARL) is pleased to offer a range of services to help the sector meet its net zero targets.

Harnessing Technology to Deliver Real Carbon Reductions

ARL and it's partnership base can offer a range of solutions to help energy companies reduce their emissions, including:

- Gas flaring and gas to power technologies to mitigate waste gas production

- End of life oilfield management and plug & abandon

- Oil / tank farm sludge management - removal and return of waste to production

- Renewable energies & solar equipment supply

ARL was setup in November of last year in the shadow of COP26 to deliver real-time carbon and efficiencies for the energy industry in order to better manage our finite hydrocarbon resources.

If you are interested in any of the services above or more bespoke sustainability consulting please do get in touch by calling Nicholas Cobb on +44(0)7541350439 or visit

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